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Approved January, 2013

Immunopharmacology Section of IUPHAR

1. Name
The name of the section is the Immunopharmacology Section of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR). It is constituted under Section V2 of the statutes of IUPHAR as revised 2006.

2. Aims and functions of the Immunopharmacology Section
The object of the Section is to encourage the organization of international co-operation in immunopharmacology by:
3. Membership
The membership of the Immunopharmacology Section will be comprised of pharmacologists, immunopharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, pathologists, clinicians, and immunologists interested in the inter-relationships between the disciplines of pharmacology and immunology and who are members of a national, regional or international society of pharmacology or clinical pharmacology or immunology, or related discipline that is a member of IUPHAR.
Societies of Clinical Pharmacology or Sections of Societies of Clinical Pharmacology that are members of IUPHAR may also seek affiliation. Applications for affiliation are to be sent to the Secretary, who shall submit such applications to the Executive Committee for its consideration and approval. Affiliated societies/sections are entitled to nominate one delegate to the business meeting of the Section.

4. Executive Committee
A general business meeting of the Section will normally take place at least every 4 years at each World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology or at a major world/regional international pharmacology/clinical pharmacology meeting. The business meeting will receive a report from the Executive Committee and will elect by majority vote of the members and delegates present, the next Executive Committee.