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IUPHAR is a non-profit Society according to Article 60 of Swiss Civil Law in Basle, Switzerland.

The International Union

of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

is a voluntary, non-profit association representing the interests of pharmacologists around the world through:


IUPHAR is pleased to offer a career site specifically dedicated to pharmacologists throughout the world. Job seekers may search the database of available positions, post their anonymous curriculum vitae, and/or establish personal job alerts for free. All profits generated from posting employment opportunities on this site support the non-profit efforts of IUPHAR. 
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Euroscreen SA is seeking a Team Leader to manage in vitro pharmacology activities. This position reports to the Director of Drug Discovery. The successful candidate will coordinate project activities and manage research assistants in order to support in vitro pharmacology assays in relation to the lead optimization activities. The successful candidate should possess an excellent knowledge of GPCR signaling (read more)

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